Colour separation system
Profilo di applicazione
  • separates different colours
  • separates different forms
  • detects and separates non-transparent contaminations
Ispezione di
  • materiali sfusi
Flusso di materiale
  • rasportatori a nastro
  • scivoli
  • alimentatore vibrazioni
Descrizione del prodotto
The VARISORT C uses an advanced optical
sensor capable of differentiating optically
different materials precisely and consistently at
high speed. It is particularly applicable in the separation
of plastic bottles by colour and metals. 
Conveyor based systems with multiple sensor options
High throughput
Sensor upgrade capability
“Learning” set up and programming
User friendly operating interface
VISUTEC data management system integration 
Optional Equipment
• Near infrared sensor to detect different types of plastic
• Inductive sensor to detect metal particles