Colour separation system for glass recycling
Profilo di applicazione
  • separates different colours
  • separates different types of glass
  • separates different forms
  • detects and separates non-transparent contaminations
Ispezione di
  • materiali sfusi
Flusso di materiale
  • rasportatori a nastro
  • scivoli
  • alimentatore vibrazioni
Descrizione del prodotto
SPEKTRUM colour separation systems identify and remove glass cullet of different colours. The material to be inspected is spread out on an external feeder and reaches the glass slide where the pieces are further individualised before continuing into the inspection area of the CCD linear camera which identifies their colour. Electronics evaluate their exact location and ejection nozzles are activated with pinpoint accuracy and at precisely the right time to blow out the identified pieces of glass into a vertical chute. 
• evaluation of the entire visible light spectrum
• self-teaching evaluation electronics
• removes contaminants with pinpoint accuracy
• modular design