Conveyor based Metal detection systems

Profilo di applicazione
  • rileva tutti i metalli magnetici e non magnetici
  • detects and separates all magnetic and non-magnetic metals
Ispezione di
  • pezzi (incluso merci imballate)
Flusso di materiale
  • rasportatori a nastro

■ Space-efficient metal detector for individual and packaged goods up to 50 kg ■ Enhanced easy clean hygienic design ■ Available with a wide range of detector heads ■ High stability, precision inline metal detection with very short metal-free zone (MFZ) ■ Compliant with BRC, IFS and HACCP standards ■ Dry and hostile environment versions

Descrizione del prodotto
The VARICON+ metal detection system detects all metal contaminants (ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel) – even when enclosed in the product. Designed for a wide range of packaged and unpackaged products.

The VARICON+D series is designed for dry areas, the VARICON+W series for more hostile environments.

VARICON+ systems are equipped with the GENIUS+ Control Unit and either a GLS or a C-SCAN GHF search head. 

• High sensitivity with C-SCAN GHF detection heads with standard HML multi-frequency technology • Rugged construction with hygienic open section framework • Economic and readily available with competitive lead times

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