I rilevatori e separatori di metalli e i sistemi magnetici Sesotec prevengono eventuali danneggiamenti dei cilindri delle calandre. Sono integrati nei nastri trasportatori per l’ispezione di materiali sciolti e in pezzi.

DLS tunnel metal detectors are separable and can be easily installed on either new or existing conveyors. They are particularly suitable for inspecting tall materials as detection accuracy remains consistent across the entire aperture. A typical application is the protection of cutting mills and shredders.
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Single face ELS metal detectors are installed directly underneath the belt of a conveyor where the depth of conveyed material is shallow ie close to the belt. A typical application is the inspection of sprues to protect auger granulators. ELS can also be used to inspect the quality of plastic components to ensure the core is not broken.
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Enclosed-aperture tunnel metal detector, installed in bonded-type conveyor belt systems for applications requiring higher scanning sensitivity.
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