Inline magnet for free-fall applications

Profilo di applicazione
  • separates all magnetic metal
Ispezione di
  • materiali sfusi
  • dry
  • free-flowing
Flusso di materiale
  • free-fall

  • Designed for the food and pharmaceutical industries

  • Removes the smallest magnetic metal contamination (even slightly magnetized stainless steel)

  • Ensures consistent high product quality

  • Hygienic Design

  • Easy handling and cleaning

  • Customer specific designs available

Descrizione del prodotto
Inline rod magnet system for freefall applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries and other areas with similarly stringent requirements. The robust and wear-resistant housing is made of rustproof stainless steel (1.4404). All surface are polished and welds are crack and crevice free. 

  • Magnetic flux density up to 13,700 Gauss

  • Inspection of dry, free-flowing bulk materials

  • FDA compliant version

  • EASY CLEAN version

  • Version for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Certified for ATEX zone 20 application

  • Sturdy design in 316L grade stainless steel

  • Minimum installation height

  • Accessories and special versions

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