Metal separator for filler applications

Profilo di applicazione
  • detects and separates all magnetic and non-magnetic metals
Ispezione di
  • liquid/pasty materials
Flusso di materiale
  • pump conveying

  • Detection and separation of metallic contaminations from pumped products – liquid or pasty

  • Closed, sturdy stainless steel design

  • Easy and hygenic cleaning due to functional design and high protection rating

  • Easy mounting to vacuum fillers and pumps

  • Shortest possible mounting length

  • Outstanding ease of operation with product auto-teach function and state-of-the-art microelectronics

Descrizione del prodotto
The LIQUISCAN VF+ is a metal separator for filling applications. When metal is detected, the separator valve automatically redirects the contaminated product into a special container. LIQUISCAN VF+ metal separators are supplied mounted on a mobile, height-adjustable stand. The low center of gravity and balanced design ensures good stability, especially when the system is moved.  
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